Pocket cut of Numbers leaves parts uncut

I am fairly new to this so decided to try making a House number. I created the digits to be about 120mm/5 inches. I selected 1/4 inch mill bit. When I ran the file on the machine it left some of the interior untouched. I have attached a photo’ of how it finished. Does anyone have any ideas on what I have done wrong?

Do the numbers look fully cleared in the simulation?

Yes the simulation indicates the numbers are fully cleared,

Try adjusting the stepover — you’ll want the most even spacing of the blue preview lines which is possible.


I agree with Will. Reduce the stepover and you should get better results. You can always keep the same values as well then complete a finishing pass (starting depth just a little above finishing height) with a reduced stepover to clean up the bottom of the cut.


I have just tried your suggestion and the paths look better. Just need to try it on another piece. Thanks to all

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