Pocket cuts - feeds and speeds

I use Aspire and G-wizard for my projects, and when calculating my feeds and speeds for making a pocket cut I’ve been struggling with setting my feeds and speeds… that first first slot cut will cause a lot of deflection and ruin a good pocket finish. On the other hand if I set the speed slow enough to reduce deflection, then once that cut is made, the machine is running much more slowly than necessary doing the remainder of the pocket. I’m wondering if anybody is doing differently, or has any suggestions, as this is what my process has evolved to be:

  1. Generate my cut path using
    a) 20-40% stepover
    b) a reasonable depth of cut based on the kind of cutter I’m using, up to about 25% of the flute length
    c) generic feeds and speeds
    d) arbitrary ramp in length
    e) final profile pass 0.03"
    f) final pass to 0.03" to clean up any minor deflection marks
  2. Measure my first cut length, setting the ramp length to that distance.
  3. Use G-Wizard to calculate speeds for 100% slot cut at my desired depth, using that as the plunge rate
  4. Use G-Wizard to calculate speeds for my set stepover and desired depth, using that as my normal rate
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