Pocket or hole first?

Making threaded waste board with T-nuts inserted from the bottom for Shapeoko XXL. Generally, is it best to cut the pocket first (for the flange) or drill the hole first (for the bolt insert)? Or does it matter?

thank you

It’s most efficient to pocket the flange first, then machine the hole starting at the bottom of the pocket — most CAM tools will allow one to do thus.

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Go to this site https://www.myerswoodshop.com/. You can down load the g code for the threaded waistboard for free or you can go to his Etsy site and get it for 1.99. Also check out his web site for a lot of info on the Shapeoko and projects he has done. He also has videos on making the waistboard and other projects. His g code uses only one bit and does both the pocket hole and the drill through.

Thanks Bob, I’m actually using his SVG file I bought from Etsy, but using the opportunity to do my own g-code for the practice.

I bought the file for his threaded wasteboard too! I follow Ben and his videos have been a lot of help for me to get up and running. And Will too! I have bugged him enough​:rofl::rofl:

No bother!

Glad to help out!

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