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I’m finding I like running jobs from CC much more that MeshCAM as my CC jobs seem way more straight forward in their approach and way less time in completing than a MeshCAM job.
Anyways, I have a pocket I want to route out but it has an object in the middle, like an “island”. CC won’t perform the pocket I want but instead looks like it just wants to take out the “island”. How can I get around this? Also, MeshCAM allows me to set areas not to route, can CC do that as well?

If you include the island, then it is omitted:

If you want it cut at a different height, then have two toolpaths:

Hmm, I see you’re using the Pro version. I have the free version so maybe mine doesn’t have all of your capabilities. If I include the island then the only tool path I see is what looks like an inside contour path. I didn’t know you can create two paths. Must be a Pro version thing.

No, creating multiple toolpaths should work fine in any version.

If you’ll post your file and describe the difficulty you are having we will walk you through this.

Here’s what I’m working on. The major item I want pocketed to a depth of 23.0124mm
The long “island” I want routed to a depth of 19.8374mm
That makes it rise above the pocket floor 3.175mm

Test File.c2d (44.4 KB)

What I see

I think your issue is the outer geometry is not a closed vector so it can’t be a pocket.

Select each half then use the Join tool to close them then select both of them and use the boolean union to create a new closed vector.

The outer boarder is no longer magenta indicating it is a closed vector. Now select both for the pocketing operation and you’ll have the island.

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Interesting. I used Join Curves on all lines and curves on the bigger object and yet it’s still not joined?
What’s the boolean union? I use TurboCAD Pro for Mac for my drawings. Guess I gotta check for openings.

The outer contour is a top half and a bottom half

one half “fixed”

Then the second.

Select both and use the Boolean Union tool (second Boolean tool).

The new vector in blue.

close the dialog and the lines created to join the vectors are removed.

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My CAD software said the lines weren’t co-planar so I zoomed way in and found a tiny dot that the app thought was a line and replicated like a dozen times. After deleting it the pocket creation worked.
Thank you all for your replies.

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