Pockets cutting too deep

Here are some screen shots of the model and the heights I’ve set.

Remove the G28 line in your code. Depending on the post you’re using, you may be able to disable it’s output. Alternatively, set your G28, but I recommend using it for something else.
You can see the Machine location of your G28 by sending $#

Do you have enough room to retract?

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There is no option to avoid adding g28 at post process. Would you say I can remove the g28 lines manually from the gcode?

I do have enough room to retract but just barely above the work piece. I think the shapeoko retracts to 6mm above work when jogged to z0. When I homed to z0 I believe the position it said hit was at was 5.1mm


I’m not following this, and it looks like you’re retracting about 16mm (above Z zero) in your gcode. If the G28 isn’t the issue, you might be crashing at the top of your Z and losing position.

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Thanks for the help. I’ll give the removal of g28 a shot and see what happens. I just checked and I’m about 7mm above the model top at full retract. Not sure if that’s causing anything but we’ll see what no g28 does.

I’d turn on soft limits $20, $21 and $22 to 1.

If you’re retracting too high it could be slipping the Z and losing position.

Bingo! wb9tpg was on the right track. I have limit switches so I didn’t think that the machine would allow Z to top out and throw off the cut, but that was exactly what was happening. I ran the program again just to closely watch what Z did at the top of the first plunge and it was definitely topping out. After playing around with stock/model heights I was able to get the machine to cut without burying the collet in the work. However, after all this I realized that I didn’t have to mess with any of the cam stuff at all. All I had to do was raise my router up a few inches in the in the machine! It was the most obvious thing but I’ve never had to move the router itself before since I’ve never worked on anything thicker than 1 inch. So, ultimately the answer to my question, " why is it is cutting about .25 deeper than it should?" Because the stock is too thick and the router too low. I’m such a dummy! Thanks for the help all!