Polyline Nodes for adjusting

Hi folks,

Just got the Shapeoko 4 up and running, loving it so far. Question, I have drawn something with the polyline tool and want to adjust it. When I hover over start/stop points I see ‘node’ popup but I can’t seem to do anything with it. Is there a way to create nodes along the polyline path so I can tweak my design? Similar to when you import an SVG and have all the nodes along the path to adjust. MacOS by the way.

Thanks for any help.


Select the item(s) and go into Node Edit mode:

Once in Node Edit mode you can move nodes, select them and toggle them to/from smooth, or delete them, or right-click and inset a node or cut a vector.

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Of course it’s one of those three buttons that I hadn’t explored yet. Thanks for replying, I should’ve looked at those.

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