Poor Customer Service Support

When I first received my unit I had an issue with my touch pad. I asked for help twice but NEVER received ANY response. Two weeks later I solved the issue. Very disappointing in service.

How I have an issue with the cams. First it took almost a week to receive ANY response but finally got a phone call. The service person said that he would be sending new parts that day. That now is over one week ago!

For a company that said they had GREAT customer support I do not see it.

Very sorry to hear about this.

For the query about the Probe I show that we sent a response 4 minutes after you asked and it shows that you opened the e-mail 1 hour and 10 minutes later.

The Z-axis Slide ticket is still open — I suspect we have an issue with parts availability. Please accept our apologies for not keeping you up-to-date on the status of this. I am escalating that ticket and we’ll do our best to let you know what’s happening there.


Sorry I just can’t agree with you about the customer service. I have contacted cc3d many times since I purchased my machine in June and being new to CNC have had many questions. Each time I have contacted both by phone, email and text I received a response within a very short time. Most of the time within an hour or less when by text. Within a few hours by email and just minutes using phone. What I found most helpful is when i had a problem trying to figure out how to design or get a project to work for me. Someone has taken the time to look at my file and corrected it so it works. But has also taken the time to explain in detail what was wrong so I understand it. Maybe it’s just me without an issue don’t know but in my option I think they have been great.


Thank you for the support.

Unfortunately, we’re not perfect and things fall through the cracks as seems to have happened with @Scott8260’s second query — we’ll do our best to make this right.

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