Possible Change Request

I know it’s a bit much to ask for changes for non-Carbide3D routers, but can you consider adding a machine type of something like “Other” and maybe disabling auto feeds and speeds in that case. Possibly defaulting to NaN in that case would force setting everything. ATM I only have an underpowered import cute little 3018 and the default speeds come out pretty strange. With an SO3 configured a 1.8mm ball end mill comes up with a spindle speed of 4724rpm and a depth per pass of 0.076mm, plus just over 100mm/minute. Not sure why that is but it seems somewhat wrong even for a DeWilt router. I’ve been turning autospeed off and setting more appropriate values but it has to be done on every toolpath since auto turns on every time. I’ve been recommending Carbide Create (hope that’s OK) to other 3018 users, and this has been confusing some of the new to CNC first timers.

I’d really like an SO3 but Mrs. Moose has other ideas atm.


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For what it’s worth, I don’t think most Shapeoko 3 owners that run Create use the feeds & speeds. It’s constantly discussed.


I’ve seen that, but the more gonzo speeds, combined with defaulting to set speeds automatically checked, is causing newbie confusion. It’s easy to forget to change them every time too, at least if you’re a moose in a hurry. Maybe just a config option default to not checking the box? I wonder sometimes if they’re switching between styrofoam and hardened steel as assumed materials. I’d like to be able to set the defaults by bit, but that assumes the same material every time so maybe not the best idea - and it would be more work for the developers