Possible EMI / freeze easy fix

Bit of positive thought on here. Have read about EMI problems and it seems elusive. Sample size for this fix is only a day on this but I’m eager to see if it works long-term.

Been cutting a lot of PVC on the SO3 lately and it constantly freezes. Have to salvage the job by programming a new .nc file on the fly according to where the freeze happened… anyway…

Was reading the manual for a new Dust Deputy I got (the model with the metal canister) and it recommended attaching foil tape across the inlet and outlet and down to the canister. (As in this photo.)

I recognized the foil tape as similar to 3M “metal repair” tape which is basically just aluminum foil. Put some on the dust shroud of the SO3 and completed 2 PVC jobs without any issue. (See photo.)

What are your thoughts? Coincidence or could this really help as much as it seems?


It will certainly help as it gives a path for that static to discharge to “ground”. Same reason as you should ground all of the rails and the X/Z carriage.

You can also utilize an anti-static hose to further prevent your dust collection from discharging.


I think it could help but only if the foil is grounded.

I do this on my Sweepy to connect the body of my Carbide Compact Router to an anti-static conductive hose (my cyclone is grounded).

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This is with one of those Bosch hoses which claims to be “anti static” is it conductive? or simply dissipative? No idea. And the hose that came with the cyclone, I assume that is also adequate for reducing static considering they supplied it and also recommend the foil tape. Not sure what makes a plasticy seeming hose reduce static while the plastic cyclone needs this foil tape thing. Maybe the coil wire in each hose is related, but it’s not like the hose connections have any bare metal. Keeping an eye on it today, fingers crossed.

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Anti-static and conductive (and dissipative):


Not sure what the Bosch hose is mafe of but if it is antistatic then they are weaving in conductive threads. Plastic tends to charge up until something discarges it or the potential gets high enough to arc across the air to ground. Keeping a static charge down or disapating it is the goal.

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This foil tape looks very kooky but have been cutting loads more PVC this week without issue. Couldn’t make it about 15 minutes before setting up all the grounding, so, I want to believe :alien: Also though several times when it froze up I may have been using a USB cable without ferrite cores on it, so I really ought to swap that and see if that was an issue.


That’s good news, some progress.

The issue of interference is frequently a cumulative impact of multiple noise sources vs. the cumulative work of multiple noise suppression devices so it may not be an either / or for the tape vs. the USB cable, it could well be a contribution from both.