Power Question--will I be able to run an extension to power my machine?

Looking to buy a Shapeoko Pro.

The only power source in my garage come from the outlet for the automatic opener.

Can I run an extension cord from here to power my machine safely? I’ll safely route the cord to prevent a trip hazard.

Use an appropriate size and shortest cord possible. A 14 gauge ex cord would work but a 12 would be best. Your connections should be tight. Since you are coming from above use wire tirs to secure the ex cord to your outlet at machine end.

I ised a magnetic switch with emergency stop button attached to power strip to shutdown Shapeoko and router if required.

I will post pic later.

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Is it this one here?

I’ve run my machines on my back deck when cutting tropical hardwoods using multiple extension cords plugged into different circuits:

  • machine and computer
  • trim router/vacuum

If you’re in the US… there’s more or less 2 extension cord types in common use. I’ll call them “thin” and “thick”.

For running machinery, avoid the “thin”. Inside the wires are thin and the insulation is often also not great. Thin wires + reasonably high current for long duration → Heat. Heat builds up over time and weakens the insulators around the conductors… not great.

So… get the “thick” type. Often in places like target or home depot these are labeled as “Heavy Duty” or sometimes “Outdoor”. (but careful, there are also “thin” labeled as outdoor".

Make an estimate of long you you need it to be, and get it slightly longer (by a yard or so) so that you have a reasonable amount of play that lets you conveniently route it. But don’t get it MUCH longer, and also remember the cardinal rule: Never keep excess length in a loop (also known as a coil)… that will make it act as an inductor which in turn generates heat. if you have excess length, you can zigzag it or whatever, just avoid the desire to make it “neat” and loop it.


Yes that is the one I use.

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Here is a handy chart I just stumbled across.

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