Power Supply Flashing

Setting up my new Shapeoko Pro XXL. Carbide Motion worked fine yesterday. Today, the green LED on the power supply blinks every few seconds (and you can hear the stepper motors energize in time with the blinks). Computer can’t find the machine either. I’m suspecting a bad power supply. Did I mention it’s BRAND NEW? I haven’t used the machine yet. I just get to look at it…

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Write in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll get this sorted out.

Hello I have exactly the same problem

They sent me a new pcb, and it got hot and smoky within minutes. Now it to is fried. I have a video call with carbide today.
Stay tuned

They never called me for my video help session. :rage:

We will check what happened here and do our best to work this out w/ you as quickly as we can.

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