Prebuilt enclosure for Nomad 3?

Anyone know where i’d be able to purchase a pre built enclosure that fits the Nomad 3? Thanks!

Not to be a smartass…but, doesn’t it come in an enclosure?


My fault, i should have been more specific lol, im looking for an enclosure for soundproofing.

Take a look at openbuilds. They have several enclosures. They use 2020 and 2040 alum extrusions. Thier individual components are reasonable and you can add your own panels.

How much soundproofing do you need and where are you located?

The approach I went for was two MDF boxes, one inside the other. You just buy twelve pieces of MDF and hold them together with wood screws. I then put self-adhesive foam on the inside walls to absorb a little noise and foam pads under each layer and the Nomad to absorb vibrations.

For getting cables in and out, I just used a hole saw to make a couple of ~30mm holes.

Later, I replaced the front MDF faces with transparent polycarbonate and it’s not quite as good with sound but still plenty functional.

It sounds complicated but it’s a trip to the hardware store worth of materials and half a day of work.


One trick we’ve used at work for dirt cheap mini sound isolation booths is large ice chests with the extra space filled in with foam. Do keep in mind however that the electronic components do generate heat and it needs to be dissipated, so plan accordingly. (We use circular hole saws, PC case fans, and baffling) Also, this breaks the rule of always watch/monitor your mill while it is in use. But it does indeed work well for sound reduction. :grinning:

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