Precision Issues

What is the context for this?

A DXF import?

Is the DXF correctly constructed to begin with?

Could you post the file in question or send it in to

I am not sure where my text went along with these images, but I assure you I typed it. Must have goofed something up when I posted it.

The CAD file (Microstation) consisted of a few reverse curves I had joined together (top image). These were right on and correct in this file. I then exported to dxf and imported to CC. The bottom two images are showing the shift/offset at the intersection points of the curves that no longer match up in CC. Upon further inspection it looks like there is a bust in the export from Microstation to dxf and does not have to do with Carbide Create.

My mistake.

I was able to create an SVG file from CAD to get things to work the way I had hoped.

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