Printing Issue (Shapeoko 3 Limit Switch Install)

Well has anyone realized that there is a monster issue when printing out the pages in ANY of the Carbide3D’s web pages???

Problem is that damn annoying pop up at the bottom right of the page. It prints out on each and every page, overlaying itself on the MOST important information on the page(s)!!!

I am using Chrome.

Is there not any code that will drop it from the web page, rather than pretent to hide out. It is a very poor oversight on the web page developer! Fancy and sure it grabs your attention, but for it to print itself on each and every page is nothing short of poor judgement.

Can we either a) Clean that POP Up from the Docs Pages, or…

b) Can someone kindly / please direct me to maybe a PDF version of the Instructions for the Limit Switch Install, where one can bypass that damn pop up for the “Crash Course on CNC”.

Thanks in advance. (BTW, I did not mean to make this a Flame Out, but… when you just realized you just wasted 9 pages of colour on something that is headed for the trash, ya, that erks me).

Easiest thing to do seems to be to select the entire page, paste it into a word processor and format/clean that up and then print.

Its been awhile but i hit f12 in chrome and deleted the element that was a bother.(think the element was tied into “head” within f12)



Thanks @neilferreri Even though I was unable to view your video in a regular size, watching it play over and over lead me to the right path to DELETE the element. Perfect!

@WillAdams & @orlrobinson Thanks to you both too! Neil sure hit the nail on the head with this issue (one I never encountered in Chrome in the past). And I sure knew I was onto something when I hit F12, and saw the guts of the HTML.

Oh well eh!.. In the meantime, I assembled my SO3 #7568! I’m just not going to screw anything over, and shall take this project via baby steps all the way through!

I am now loaded with the knowledge if this comes across my path in the future. Hind sight is always 20/20…

Thanks for sharing your time!


what do you use to make lil how’to vids like that?

I am a teacher, and I have done these many different ways. For my students, I just upload videos to my Google Drive. The one here is a actually a gif because the forum let’s me upload, and they don’t have trouble playing like some videos do when uploaded to something like a forum.
To do the one above:
iSpringCam Free to do the screen capture and then ezGIF for the animated gif.
Both are pretty limited, but perfect for a really short clip.


Great info, Thanks! …

It’s fairly trivial to hide the element during printing from a development perspective if they want to keep it on the screen for people browsing.

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