Pro 5 help ! Need help with HY VFD

Got my pro 5 put together and z axis won’t hold up 2.2kw spindlewhen the power off and can’t figure out how to hook up VFD to new control box, anyone figured this out I have a HY BRAND spindle and VFD. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance!

The HDZ has low enough friction that it won’t support a spindle under power — it’s expected that the spindle will drop when power is cut — best practice is to put a foam block under the spindle to support things and to prevent the motor from acting as a generator and pushing current back up to the stepper driver chip.

Do you by chance know what the 3 wires for the spindle hookup are there is a red and green next to each other and a black in bottom corner trying to figure out how to hook up my HY VFD THANKS

It is really kind of sloppy to have the bit crash into the table when powered off. Is Carbide working on a brake? If not I will make one for my machine.

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There is a short adapter cable in the packaging for the S5 that needs to be plugged in to the VFD to controller cable so that the cable will plug in. If you look at the video on the Carbide 3D YouTube channel you will see that “pigtail” plugged in to the end of the cable being plugged in to the controller. I hope that helps

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Yeah no , it doesn’t work for 3rd party parts only carbide brand spindle kit . And was told that they my spindle hasn’t been test so they won’t support it , so looks like back to loud router lol…

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