Pro 5 spindle no longer working

I’ve had my Shapeoko vfd and 5 pro since March and all has been reasonably well. Tonight I pushed the button to stop the rotation of the spindle while I was engraving. When I went to switch back to a bit the light no longer comes on when I push the button and it appears that the system has lost its memory of ever having a spindle. Anyone know how to rerun setup again so I can tell it that I have a spindle. Also is there a fuse I should be looking for that would affect that portion of the spindle. The digital readout still works and when the button is in it has a very faint red glow around the edges not its typical bright red. Appreciate any help. Thanks. I upgrade carbide motion to 617 and have the same results.

I’ve had a couple of major issues with my VFD Spindle and Pro 5. The first one is as you’ve described where the LED around the button is very dim. This appears to be a control board failure inside the VFD Control box. Send C3D support an email and I’m sure they’re very familiar with it by now. Your machine should still be under warranty so the replacement should be covered. The latest issue I had was that the VFD Controller would not command the correct RPM value to the spindle with respect to what I was sending from Carbide Motion. This issue took over 6 weeks to get addressed and I just received my working replacement this week. Not fun to have had my machine down more days than it’s been working.

Thanks Ken. Hoping for a quick turnaround. I appreciate your feedback.

After three weeks of waiting for my initial VFD to be repaired with the same problem you’re having, I guess C3D got tired of me whining and agreed to send out another kit to me. This kit, not sure if it was new or refurb was the one that had the issue of not spinning up to the correct RPMs right out of the gate. Below is a table of the commanded values versus what was shown on the VFD’s display.

M3S8000 → 7998
M3S10000 → 7998
M3S12000 → 7998
M3S14000 → 7998
M3S20000 → 11220
M3S22000 → 13410
M3S24000 → 17940

After getting some help from another user on the forum, I think we narrowed this down to an internal grounding issue within the VFD Controller. Just adding this information in here in case you run across this in the future with your VFD or another user stumbles on this post.

Just so everybody on the forum knows, you can bypass the VFD’s bad controller board completely by wiring the VFD PWM signal(VF1) to come from the ICSP header on the Shapeoko controller itself rather than the spindle port that has extra discrete components on it that cause issues. Just wire the ICSP PWM signal directly to VF1 on the VFD box bypassing Spinderella(VFD control/filter PCB) . You will also need to pull D1 down to COM, but this can be done by rewiring the button on the VFD control box. With this done you no longer have to worry about Carbide3D’s QC/electrical design and will have your tool running in minutes rather than weeks.


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