Pro code will not install

Hello, new to the forum. I purchase the create pro for the year and when I input the activation code it gives me a error “Invalid license (ERROR: 101)”
so question… is the activation code the one that starts ### and ends ### or am I inputting the wrong code?

You need to put everything into the window — I see you have open tickets at — we’ll respond there as soon as is possible.

Here is a copy of my Pro License file. I will change part of it so it cannot be copied.

                                                  -----BEGIN LICENSE-----

Name: Guy Donham
Start: 2023-09-26
End: 2024-09-26
Type: Subscription-365
Verify: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Version: 001-1
-----END LICENSE-----

So in the email sent copy the whole thing and paste it in.

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thanks! its working now…

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