Pro Homing Procedure

Hi folks,
I would like you to view a short 15 second video on my Youtube of the homing procedure and tell me if it’s normal. When it goes into the back right corner it runs into it a bit hard and I’m wondering if everyones does this? Everything works fine on the machine, so not sure if this is a problem.


Nothing looks/sounds unusual to me. I don’t have the pro though. It didn’t sound like the machine drove itself into other parts, the back might be different, but that part wasn’t captured.


It doesn’t actually run into anything, the limit switches are doing their job. It just sounds like its straining the steppers I guess.

Hi @MakerJeff,

This is the normal sound, it’s not straining the steppers it’s just part of the homing sequence: first the gantry moves “fast” to the right/back until the switches trigger a first time, they it quickly pulls off the switches by a small distance, then goes towards the switches again but at a very slow pace this time (hence the different sound), and finally it pulls off the switches

Carbide3d even uses the homing sound in the intro of their videos now :wink:


Thanks Julien! Put my mind to ease.

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Sounds and acts just like my XL pro.


I am posting to echo all other replies.
I have a SPXXL and all looks and sounds to be standard operating procedure.
I love this machine!!!

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Myself as well my friend!

Just watch it closely as you don’t want it to contact those stops even a bit. If there’s a gap, you’re good. If not, I think you can adjust the proximity switch a small amount to the left.


That grunting slow homing sound is now a calming sound to me. :smiley:


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