Pro upgrade not working

Hi Everyone
I have a 3018 engraver Grbl running candle
I downloaded carbide create free version, then i found out i could get carbide create pro free for a year.
So i did that, and confirmed that it was upgraded to pro.
Im confused as to why,when i open software it says i have the pro version but ,some of the pro features are not on the screen.
Like next to the import tab there should be a open book symbol, that uou can open up and have access to an array of pictures files that can be added to your design. Well that book symbol is not on the screen.
Does anybody know why its missing?
And i can not generate any 3D pictures on the right side of screen, its flat
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thank you David

Hi @Dbur525,

This is not a Pro feature, it’s there in the regular version too. Or more to the point, it’s NOT there anymore in either version for now in the CC 5xx series, see this thread:

See this tutorial for example:

or this video

Let us know what you tried and does not work?

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