Pro XXL Base Idea questions

I will finally be ordering the Pro XXL this week and am looking at two different base ideas and a torsion box on top.

First this: [2x4basics Black Polyresin Workbench Brackets in the DIY Project Brackets department at] (

Second this: [Build-Your-Own Rockler Rock-Steady Shop Stand Components] (Build-Your-Own Rockler Rock-Steady Shop Stand Components)

I would need to add casters to make it mobile. Add sides and shelving or drawers for storage.

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I’ve used the composite Amazon basics kit and it actually worked really well.

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Take a look at openbuilds for thier extrusion based benches and enclosures.

I jave looked at the plastic building blocks for benches. They would work but just 4x4 or 2x4 construction with screws would do the se thing.

The rockler modular systems are nice but same for it as plastic bench blocks you can make a substantial bench from dimentional lumber.

If you want a wow factor look at openbuilds. Search for table kits. Also amazon has extrusion kits.

I designed mine on Vention and it got here in a week, I just need to assemble everything but it was much easier than piecing together parts on other extrusion based websites.
Much easier…

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do you have a link to them?

I built the one from Lowe’s for a work bench
I used up some old 3/4 ply
I thought it was going to be flimsy buts it’s heavy and steady as a rock
I also have the two shelves this photo was dying making it

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We’ve used those from the very start of the company. They’re great.


How tall do they make the bench? The height is fixed using them so when you make a torsion box the CNC machine would be even more off the ground.

I built my base today for the XXL Pro that I have on order.

I’m using the Black Polyresin Brackets from Amazon and 23/32" multi-layer plywood. It seems to be very sturdy.

Added 2x4’s front to back on the right and left sides and mounted swivel casters to make it mobile.


If I had an XXL coming, that’s exactly what I’d build.

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I may add drawers on one side and a dust collection system to the other.

I’m hoping the CNC shows in the next 10 days, sometime late next week …

I am wondering if the deck os strong enough for the XXL Pro. There is a diagonal cross-member providing additional support. Do I need a torsion box for more support?

I made an enclosure from extrusions so the machine has a strong flat base to sit on


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