Pro xxl main fuse or reset?

I have been having problems with the X axis motor skipping steps. While removing the motor I had to cut some wire ties and accidentally cut into the x-motor cable severing a couple of the wires, a couple seconds later I got a faint whiff of burning or hot Electronics. I turned off the blue power button in front of the machine and repaired wires… When I went to restart the machine the blue power button came on but not the relay clunk I usually get and the machine could not connect to cutter.
Is there a reset or fuse?

Oh you let the smoke out. Inspect the controller for any signs of burning. You may have to replace the controller. Contact to discuss with them. They have a no fault policy so if it is still in warranty they can help you. Even if you are out of warranty talk to them about how to proceed.

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Cutting the motor wires while the machine was powered on most likely shorted & blew out the output servo driver chip for that motor. There is no saving grace there, the controller board will need replacing.

That’s what I figured but it’s the weekend and it never hurts to ask that PCB board is $100 so thats not so bad.


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