Probe quit working!

Sent an email to support . I remember back a few years to the days of the Xbox360 and the red ring of death. I got the red rectangle of death

It would help by explaining how you had everything set up. Was the clip on the end mill? If so, was the end mill within 1/2 inch of the probe? Explaining the set up would help the rest of to know what to look out for.

I’d guess you were too far away from the probe, but as above. Details please

I eyeballed it but I will try measuring it

I had this happen to me. Thought I was good but wasn’t. I’ve got a narrow piece of scrap 1/4 walnut I use to make sure I’m close enough. Drop the end mill to just above it and I know I’m good.

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Well, well the eyeballs aint what they used to be. Just ran another calibration test and actually used a piece of .25" aluminum to measure and poof it works again. I ran three jobs last week with it and was lucky I guess! Thanks all!!


No problem. Glad it wasn’t something else and that you’re good to go.