Probe Upper Left Corner


Very stoked on the probe!

However, if I do X, Y, and Z it is only setup for the bottom left corner. I really only use the top left corner. Is there a way to configure the probing sequence to account for this?


Maybe someone has figured it out but as built and programmed to set x,y and z you must use the front left corner. The probe goes down for Z then the left side of the puck and then to the front. Everyone uses their machine in different ways but the rear corner would make me lean over machine to get the material secured and the probe set on the material. You did not say what machine your have but I have an xxl and that is a big reach to get back there.

It may be easier to use the front left corner as the probe was designed for rather than highly customized set up that may not work if they do a firmware update in the future.

To be clear the front to me is the closest edge to me when facing the machine when I operate the Shapeoko XXL. My machine homes to the rear right corner.

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If you are using Carbide Motion, the software is a black box and you cannot change any settings. You should be able to do something with another sender like UGCS or CNCjs by using macros. Maybe @neilferreri, CNCjs guru can offer assistance.

@CaseyS You can probe any direction along any axis. If you’re using Carbide Motion, you could enter probe commands, individually, through the MDI. Any sender that allows macros could do what you want as it’d all be pure gcode.
What CAD/CAM are you using that you set your origin to the back left? Any particular reason for that? If you

maybe you could use a corner stop / fence for your stock. Then you’d only need to probe Z.

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Hello All,

Thank you for the reply.

I use the top left because I am hopelessly imprinted by reading.

I’ll try the bottom left from now on. Options in the future would be nice as we don’t always use perfect stock or are CNC’ing things that don’t have a perfect bottom left corner (live edge wood anyone?)

For reference I am using a Shapeoko 3 XXL and Carbide Motion & Create - both newest versions.

Thank you

Does Carbide Create allow you to set the origin top left?

Yes it does. It caught me out once. I set top left then tried to probe.


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