Probing using a v bit only

Okay I’m going to be using a v bit for cutting some letters. Since you can’t prob XYZ with a v bit. My question is do I prob XYZ with an end mill bit then change it to a v bit and prob just the z.


Zero is set relative to the center tip of the endmill, so after probing with a supported endmill, switching to a V only needs to be probed for Z.

Thank you I understand what you said and know you can’t prob xyz with a v bit. So if I am only cutting using a v bit if I understand correctly. Even that I am not going to be using an end mill bit to cut with I need to probe with it anyway. Then change to the v bit and prob only z.

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@Gonefishing Before you go through the trouble, do you need the XY probe? I find it pretty easy to eyeball that vbit tip, and typical, single tool v-carves don’t need sub mm precision.


I’m new to all this. I thought u had to prob x and y also.

You don’t HAVE to probe at all. You do need to set your work zero though. That can be done for most woodworking by eye.

How would you set work zero?

Assuming Carbide Motion:
Home the machine
Jog to where you want your work zero to be
Click “Set Zero”
Zero all axes

I don’t use Carbide Motion, so I got that info here

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