Probing using a v bit only

(Bob zambron) #1

Okay I’m going to be using a v bit for cutting some letters. Since you can’t prob XYZ with a v bit. My question is do I prob XYZ with an end mill bit then change it to a v bit and prob just the z.


(William Adams) #2


Zero is set relative to the center tip of the endmill, so after probing with a supported endmill, switching to a V only needs to be probed for Z.


(Bob zambron) #3

Thank you I understand what you said and know you can’t prob xyz with a v bit. So if I am only cutting using a v bit if I understand correctly. Even that I am not going to be using an end mill bit to cut with I need to probe with it anyway. Then change to the v bit and prob only z.

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(Neil Ferreri) #4

@Gonefishing Before you go through the trouble, do you need the XY probe? I find it pretty easy to eyeball that vbit tip, and typical, single tool v-carves don’t need sub mm precision.


(Bob zambron) #5

I’m new to all this. I thought u had to prob x and y also.


(Neil Ferreri) #6

You don’t HAVE to probe at all. You do need to set your work zero though. That can be done for most woodworking by eye.


(Bob zambron) #7

How would you set work zero?


(Neil Ferreri) #8

Assuming Carbide Motion:
Home the machine
Jog to where you want your work zero to be
Click “Set Zero”
Zero all axes

I don’t use Carbide Motion, so I got that info here

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