Probing xyz on a xxl

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Okay I’m going to try my first project. A small sign material is pine size is 20 x 5 1/2. I want to use a v carve bit. How do I prob x,y,z. I know you can’t probe with a v bit so how do I do it?


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You probe for X, Y, and Z using a supported endmill, then do a tool change to the V endmill, and probe only for Z, see:


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Okay if I understand you correctly. I use an end mill to probe x,y,z even that I’m not cutting with the end mill. Then I remove the end mill, replace it with the v bit and probe only z.


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Due to geometry it’s only possible to probe for Z with a V endmill, but since origin is set relative to the center of the endmill one can probe for X and Y using any supported endmill and it remains persistent.

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Okay thanks. Looking at the probing I see probe XYZ or probe z. So I’m guessing I probe XYZ with an end mill. Then I re-probe using the v bit and only probe z. Will give it a try tomorrow.

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