Problem Pulling SVG Files into Carbide Create

If I create an SVG and try to pull it in to Carbide Create, nothing shows up. If I add it to Adobe Illustrator and resave, Carbide Create will pull it in. Is there something I can do so that I can create an SVG and not have to use Adobe?

Please post the problematic SVG here, or post it to

If opening it in Illustrator and re-saving fixes it, most likely the problem is that it was made in Silhouette Studio/is made up of “clone” objects — Inkscape will also fix such files.

Are you exporting (not saving) out of Illustrator?

Yes, I am using Silhouette to create the files. Thank you! I will “fix” in Inkscape.

I bring the file into Illustrator after creating in Silhouette, save, then import into Carbide Create.

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