Problem solved - inconsistent Y-axis movement

I solved a problem today on my Shapeoko XXL and I thought I’d report it, in case someone else was experiencing something similar.

I had been getting inconsistent movement along the Y-axis. I tried the usual solutions, including tightening the allen screws on the drive wheels, but no luck.

Some time back I had added a drop of white paint to each wheel so the actual rotation is more obvious.

When I checked the rotation of the V-wheels, I noticed the upper back V-wheel on the right Y-axis rail was not turning. Investigating, I found the wheel was jammed against the lower standoff for the limit switch.

I removed the standoff and filed a recess to allow the wheel to turn freely.

This resolved the problem. Unfortunately, in dragging the fixed V-wheel over the rail a flat had been worn on the wheel that resulted in a bump on each rotation, so I need to replace it. But the main issue has been resolved.

Just a FYI.


The maintenance kit is a good thing to have; on hand.

Ran across the very same issue. Recently I upgraded to the proximity switches and even though one of the standoffs came ground down, it wasn’t enough…

I just looked at mine. Over six years in and I never noticed how close those are. I’ve never noticed any issue, though, either.
Actually, I’ll blame those annoying acrylic wall finishes on this.


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