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Im in the process of making a spoil board with 2" segments markings made with a 1/8" end mill- using Carbide create 520 and motion 536 - designed the board form my XL with some extra - cut area was load for 18" x 32" inch. Board fits within the cut area of the XL very well. Using the “snap to” function and straight line tool, I weave up and down, back and forth to to establish a 2" x 2" cut grid. Set the machine up, zeroed the settings, decided that 0.10 depth may be appropriate. Zeroed to the center of the cut. Cut tool about 7 minutes, and then discovered the MDF was not uniform in thickness which is normal, and the 0.1 cut skimmed more lightly and not at all in some areas of the board. Decided to drop the cut to 0.2 to cut the low areas with the same settings and it started again, cut proceeded off the board as noted in the picture
(upper right corner). Thinking I did something wrong, tried again , the same took place. Unloaded the file and reloaded the g-code, and even regenerated the g-code form the create file, still does the same thing. It seem to have lost its position in some manner, I checked the settings in the creative cut, and all are as they should be. Any ideas? Tomorrow I will recreate the design with creative and reload the whole works. Tom

The xl has a cutting area of 16x32. However part of the cutting area is off the front of the machine so your cutting area is really 13.5-14 x 32. I am working on a spoil board considerations and am not through. I will put my draft here and it is for an xxl but the theory is the same.

Is it possible when you ate cutting at the rear you are losing steps.

Let me know if my procedure works for you. The part you want is toward the end.

torsion_box.pdf (2.0 MB)

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I wrote up some notes on how the rapid position points and working area relate to the physical dimensions of the machine at:


still don’t understand what is causing this. Belive I have exceeded the cut area inadvertently, as it now bangs again the back of the y travel. So I have constructed three cut files one with horizontal , one with vertical lines to snap to a 2" grid and one with the though holes for the clamp bolts to screw into. The plan is to run these separately while using the same placement of the board. Using the previous method I used the elastic line tool to snap to the gird and there was some overlap where the horizontal met the vertical. I;ll let you know if we have sucess. If there is a means to put all three in the same cut, let me know how this is done as I can’t lay it all out, then segregate the holes for the lines ect to enable and disable.

You can do everything in one tool path or in three. It’s all in a matter of how you select everything. You may be better doing it as 3 tool paths because sometimes carbide motion gets confused and doesn’t save everything selected in a tool path.

I would do my horizontal lines as path 1, my diagonals as path 2 and depending on how many holes your doing split them into two groups.

Doing them as different tool paths gives you an out if you have a disconnect you can simply just regenerate the code minus a tool path and start from there. The holes will take a bit of time to cut, I did one of the spoil boards with the through holes and a recess for the nuts and it took about an hour.

Thank you , this is helpful. Tom

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