Problems using cncjs

I feel completely computer illiterate right now. Cant seem to be able to download or open cncjs. I can do UGS easy enough. All I keep getting is a bunch of zip files that I unzip and nothing happens or I get some error? Any idea how to easily install

Well I got it installed on the Mac fairly easily; you have to make sure you pick the right version for your computer. Unfortunately, this is where I’m stuck. it seems that the communication relies on a communication port that is not USB, I see Bluetooth but not USB. I’m sure it is a configuration problem but I checked the confusing documentation and I did not identify the issue. I have other things to keep me busy and CM works so I’m not spending too much time on this.

Try this link, pick the flavor for your machine.

I’m sure @neilferreri will chime in soon.

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Thanks guys well I was just trying the wrong version finally got it to work thanks for all your help.

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