Problems with connectivity

I’ve had problems with running a tool path and then without warning the tool goes haywire or more often I lose connection. The latter I can recover from. I got to the very last tool path on a project and the tool went on walkabout and ruined the project.

Interesting thing is if I keep the cursor periodically active I have none of that. I’ve had two different laptops do the same thing and both were set up not to go to sleep mode.

Any thoughts on what could be the issue? Thanks. Jen

If moving the cursor seems to help, then something you could try is go into power settings, and for when the laptop is plugged in, select 'High Performance".

The laptop may not be going to sleep, but it could be going into a low power mode since it thinks you aren’t there.

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That seems most likely. I changed the sleep setting but I didn’t have it plugged in and it could have gone to low power mode. Thanks for the idea. Jen

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