Problems with saving Tool Path Files and Simulation

Hello Carbide Community! I recently received and got my Shapeoko 3 XXL all assembled and have ran the hello world tool path and a few other practice pieces with great success!! I am immediately diving in to projects and love every minute of it!

One of the first files that I am working on is a cut out of the shape of my home state (Indiana) with a Sherriff’s Star and some text. I am encountering two problems with this:

First: When I run the simulation in Carbide Create, only about 10 percent of my design is rendered, with gaps in the outline. I am new to this software and to Shapeoko, but not programming. I have ensured that all my nodes are closed and that I am using the right bit. When I selected my tool path, engraved with no offset, the entirety of the logo renders in blue, which is my understanding that I have made the correct selections to cut that particular piece. However, when the simulation is ran, it simply won’t show. Is this a problem with Carbide Create, or perhaps a computer issue?

Second: To try and rectify the simulation error, I downloaded CAMotics to run the simulations. After I set that program up and ensured it was working properly with a NC file that I knew worked correctly (my first couple test pieces that I had already cut), I went back to Carbide Create to export the tool path NC file. When I go to save tool path, select location and file name and hit save, the program freezes and I am forced to force quit it every time.

Are both of these issues possible computer issues on my end? I am running a 27’’ iMac with MacOS Sierra v10.12. Albeit it is an older iMac, it has plenty of RAM and storage space.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!

When Carbide Create generates a preview it runs an optimization pass which discards small features which ideally wouldn’t be noticeable — unfortunately, for delicate / detailed work that’s often incorrect and results in features missing from the preview.

The blue path previews in the Toolpath view are accurate however.

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That is good information to know! thank you.

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