Problems with X Switch

I got assembled my Shapeoko Pro XXL but once is turn on there is a blue led light on the controller on the X limit switch, I did tested the switch with the metallic wrench and it works, but when machine start homing goes to left side instead to the right, and the blue light on the controller is always on. Any help will be nice.

Let us know at and we will work out how to get a replacement to you.

Hi I did last Friday, I sent an email already

We will work through this with you on support as we work through the queue.

Ok It’s been 2 hours since they told me I’m in the queue, I have not received any call back or any suggestion to solve my problem. Please.

Is the wire for your X motor plugged in correctly? If it is flipped then maybe that would cause your issue.

Yes it is correctly connected, I think is something related to the controller board or the X switch , because since machine goes on there is a blue led light on the board, on the x limit switch.

I don’t think the switch would have any relation to the machine going left instead of right. That’s why I asked.

You are right, but was actually the extension cable that is wrong wired, I finally changed and works. Anyway Thank you for your help.

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If the control board sees the switch is on it will first try to move away from the switch then re-approach it as part of the homing sequence.

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