Process/workflow for engraving text with Nomad?

I’d like to engrave some text onto a nameplate using a v-bit, what does the workflow for this look like? What’s the best way to go about this? I realize I could make a SVG of some text using whatever font I want and mechcam will import it, but that turns into raised or recessed block text. How is this supposed to work?

I’m interested in this also…

I have only used Inventor and Inventor HSM, and I use it for engraving with v-bits. If you have Inventor (free for students/educators), I can make a post about it. As far as I know, MeshCam does not support v-bits.

Carbide Create has a specific option for using a V-bit to do engraved text and other shapes.

An opensource option would be F-Engrave:

Other options listed at:


F-engrave looks like it does what I want…thanks!

Finally, a program that is intuitive to use and does one thing without having to struggle to figure it out. Thanks @WillAdams!