Progressive reduction of Feeds&Speeds and DOC in thick(Z) stock

Hi all Nomads- I hope that you’re coping with current lockdown and enjoying it as best you can!

I have ‘discovered’ a new aluminium stock that makes all the difference on the ‘Classic’ Nomad 883. It’s ‘CAST TOOLING PLATE’ as opposed to Rolled Aluminium stock (you can learn more about it here Together with Winston’s Fusion 360 (F360) uTube tutorials it has made ALL the difference to the output of from my original 1st gen. Nomad 883.

Here’s my issue: Using Winstons recommended settings for F360 adaptive clearing of Cast Aluminium I get micron precision results on 4mm thick stock. However, when I switch to thicker stock (+10mm) the spindle stalls at 5mm depth. I lower the feeds&speeds and doc (FSD) and carry on, but the spindle stops again at 7mm depth and so on…

My question: Is there a ‘dynamic’ way in F360, or Carbide Motion to progressively lower FSD with the depth of the stock so that I don’t have to abort the operation every so often, or produce multiple F360 tool paths with decreasing FSD every two mm?

Grateful for help!

-Peter :slight_smile:

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You could chain different operations together using different start and stop heights in Fusion.
So adaptive clearing 1 has normal feeds/speeds that go from stock height to 4mm.
Adaptive 2 has -10% feeds/speeds and that operation is 4mm-7mm.
Adaptive 3 has -10% feeds/speeds and operation goes from 7mm to whatever next level is.

You would then select all these operations and post process them, and then it would be saved as 1 gcode file.

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Thanks Josh! I will try that now… -P :slight_smile:

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