Project just stops, no errors

Designed this file in CorelDraw, exported as SVG into Carbide Create. Created the text in CC as it seems to work better that way. First cut out lettering and mountain, followed by top contour cut which is 3 or 4 passes. Carbide Motion just stops at one point during the second pass. Able to pause and restart. Then it stops at the beginning of the third pass. Pause and restart does nothing. Have to just quit the program. Since it is proprietary code created by CC, cannot alter the file to jump pass whatever the issue is. As noted, no errors, it just stops. I have tried altering the path, recreating the file several times, all the same. WTF is the issue here? Would it help to post the CC and CM files?

I see this often if I am trying to cut something large and or have incorrectly placed my part so that I have reached the limit of ONE or MORE axes. It looks like it’s your X axis…

Edit: " Since it is proprietary code created by CC, cannot alter the file"

When you first load the program, you can view and copy the GCode…past it into an word type editor and do as you wish sir; but PLEASE refer to my statement above before you go changing any code.

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You can click on the Gcode file loaded in CM and see the actual G code.

You can also copy the gcode from CM and edit it, and re-save it as a .nc

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I am cutting in the middle of the bed, small file (5.5" in Y, 3" in X).

and Z?

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1/2" thick material.

Chris, Chris Chris,

Are you at the bottom limit if the Z travel? From top to bottom there is only 80 mm of travel (Regardless of where you have set your Z0.

Aha! You are correct my good man. But, why is there no error to that effect?

The Router and Tool could be attached in many z hieght positions, so the Max Depth travel needs to be checked by the operator. Ive done it plenty of times, so now I do a pre-cut jog through my max travel locations to check I have enough reach and clamp clearance.