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(Edward Ford) #1

All -

We have been working on a project sharing site for all of our users. If you’re interested in checking it out, signing up, and uploading a few projects of your own, see the details below!

CutRocket is a project sharing site focused on sharable CNC projects. We are currently supporting both Carbide Create and Fusion 360 projects. You will notice that Carbide Create files get treated a little differently than Fusion 360 files, because of what information we can extract from the file itself, but fusion 360 files are compabile and we’ll do our best to integrate them better in the near future.

To get started head over to the main page and enter your email address. You will receive a confirmation email and an activation email with a link to get signed up.

As of right now, we’re still considering this ‘beta’ as the site is still being actively developed. I’m sure there are a few bugs and features that will need to be addressed. Because of that, I’d ask that we keep it inside the community for the time being.

With that said, we have quite a few beta testers already using the site, and 50+ projects ready to download and make!

After you have had some time clicking around, please post any/all feedback you have on the site to this thread. I’ll do my best to address the feedback or provide an answer if anyone has questions.



(Lee Ratliff) #2

This is fantastic! I’ve wondered why there wasn’t a CNC equivalent of Thingiverse and now there is. Just browsed through the projects and I’ve already seen several that I’d like to make immediately.


(John Terry) #3

This site is awesome. My son just moved to North Carolina and the sign with Home inside the North Carolina state outline will be the perfect housewarming present. I hope to have something worth sharing soon.


(Lee Ratliff) #5

A few suggestions:

  1. It would be great to be able to comment on the designs or ask questions of the original designer.

  2. It would be very useful to include suggested feeds & speeds.

  3. I’d love to see the site as open and inclusive as possible. I’d like to see it modeled after Thingiverse, which was created by MakerBot, but completely open to users of all 3D printers. I know this is a Carbide3D investment, but as a user, I’d love to see contributions from owners of all CNC machines.


(Justin Clift) #6

It would be great to be able to comment on the designs or ask questions of the original designer.

Possibly a weird thought, but I’ve been considering taking the code I wrote for this website (, and modifying it for 3D objects / assemblies / projects (etc) instead of being focused on SQLite databases.

eg sharing of CNC project files, being able to comment / have discussions on them, file issues, fork them, make changes, then submit back the changes (aka collaborative development of CNC/laser/3D projects).

Like a GitHub type of thing, but for 3D objects instead of sharing SQLite databases. The code I wrote for the SQLite version is all Open Source, and it wouldn’t be too hard for Carbide3D to chuck their own logo on and adopt it.

Not sure if anyone apart from just me would think it useful though. :wink:


(Neil Ferreri) #7

Awesome idea! I don’t know what’s in the works, but a good search tool would be great. Maybe I just got a score of Black Walnut, so I could search for ideas others have used that material for. Or if I need a quick gift, I could search by an estimated time.
I’d also like to see a way to save a project to a collection (just like Thingiverse), so I don’t have to browse to find it again.
Can one go back and add to it edit a project once it’s shared?
Thanks…cool resource.

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(Dan Nelson) #8

@edwardrford Just shared my first project to see how it works. The “sheet 1” preview is showing incorrectly:

Other than that I think this is a pretty cool thing. I’m always searching for interesting stuff to cut, but I get overloaded searching the web with laser cut stuff, 3D printables, or pieces that are just too darn big for my machine(I have an XXL, but find stuff that requires 1/2 sheets of plywood sized machines). Would be cool, and probably already brought up, if these could be categorized by machine size as well so the folks with standard SO3’s or XL’s don’t get bogged with stuff that can only fit on an XXL(I’m just thinking out loud). Basically for me at least, it’s easier to find stuff that I know my machine will run, and searching the web with “CNC projects” will drive a person insane.

Very cool all in all though!


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(Edward Ford) #9

Wow! Thanks for the feedback everyone.

@LeeRatliff - the speeds and feeds which were used to create the project (stored in the C2D file) are displayed on the ‘Make This Project!’ page - each sheet gets its own breakdown of toolpaths with their respective speeds/plunge/DOC. Are you suggesting this be on the main view project page? (Just trying to understand the request.)

Comments / discussion - 100% agreed! That one is on the near term to-do list.

Previews - @DanoInTx Your project is awesome BTW! Made me really happy to see it posted. Regarding the render: Right now the c2d files are being rendered to SVG on the fly - it was a pretty basic implementation so there are a lot of cases where it’s a rough representation. Also, notice that text is not being rendered at the moment. Looking to clean this up soon.

Searching - Yes! This was actually done before the first release, but I ended up suppressing it on the live site because of some formatting edge cases. Next release will utilize the tagging system to create categories as well as provide a fairly robust search option. With that said - some tags are auto-applied (data we can pull from the Carbide Create file), but the user submitted tags are probably the most important - so if you’re submitting a project - please tag it!

Supported Formats/Machines - Right now we’re focusing on Carbide Create and Carbide 3D CNC machines - but as we stabilize the site I think you’ll see additional file formats being accepted as uploads. With that said - Carbide Create is available for anyone to use (not just Shapeoko/Nomad users) - so if there’s anyone out there using Carbide Create on a different machine, they’re more than welcome to upload to cutrocket right now :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the feedback. I’m planning to push another minor feature release tomorrow, I’ll be sure to post back once that’s done.



(Dan Nelson) #11

@edwardrford Just posted another one and it looks just fine from what I can tell.

Adding projects is a snap, but I noticed they don’t publish right away, is that something you have to do as an admin after the fact?

Also noticed embedded links don’t “link”, maybe I need to use bulletin board code? This last project is actually a remake and I wanted to link back to the original owner. Also maybe a way to PM the owners? Maybe that’s beyond the scope of this?

Anyways, still very pleased, can’t wait to see more stuff!




(Neil Ferreri) #12

@DanoInTx I just liked your post because I agreed with everything you said then I clicked on your link and realized you wanted to link back to my project. I like the carved footprints on yours. I actually ordered some skate grip tape that I am hoping to laser cut.

@edwardrford It would be great if there was a way to “like” or save or pin projects.
I also think I remember entering my Carbide 3D forum profile on there, but I couldn’t see how that is connected.

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(Edward Ford) #13

Hey All!

Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation last week! Now - back to the point.

I find myself browsing through the site thinking ‘oh, I should remember that one!’ when in fact it would be easier to just add it to a collection or something for later. So yes, liking, saving/pinning are definitely on the feature to-do list. And your balance boards are a good example of why maybe ‘inspired by’ should be an input in the project creation process - this would give us a way to cross link and reference other projects.

Publishing - right now I have an intermediary step. After you click ‘publish’ the project actually goes into my admin queue. From there I ‘approve’ the project and then it’s live on the site. I really wanted a way to make sure that published projects had a minimum set of information before beign published - to prevent the site from filling up with half finished projects. Right now the admin queue is how we’re doing it, but I can see either automating or delegating the task in the near future.

Anyway - I’m working on another release that if all goes well should get pushed live on Wednesday!

Thanks again for posting and all the feedback, keep it coming.



(Edward Ford) #16

Hey All! Just wanted to let everyone know that we just pushed another update!

The latest release now supports vectric vcarve files! Also, Fusion 360 projects have better integration into the site. In addition to those two features, we also cleaned up the listing pages and improved the New Project wizard and download feature.

Still have a lot of work to do on the site, but any feedback will help us stay pointed in the right direction.

If you haven’t already, head over and check it out!


(Tex Lawrence) #17

The new user sign up is tedious, but possible. Needs work.

Profile has places for external accounts, but not one for Vimeo, which I am in the process of using to get the hell away from Google as much as possible. There are other possible accounts, too. Why not just make is a generic link field?


(Jack Custard Jr) #18

CutRocket is not sending me an email to be able to sign up I have tried two different email accounts and checked my junk mail no luck


(William Adams) #19

Please let us know at and we’ll do our best to get this sorted out.


(Luc) #20

I had the same problem a few weeks ago when I discovered the site, I did not get an e-mail after I confirmed my subscription so no account. I thought it was due to the beta nature of the site, you were not accepting new users.