Project starts about an 1/8 of and inch above

I have adjusted everything and even used hello world. and still starts 1/8 above project.
does anyone have any thoughts on how to fix?

How are you setting your Z zero?

with touch probe for all

And the lip of the probe is hanging off your workpiece when you probe all 3 axes?

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whit the I tried that. I even did the paper trick just for z still starts above.

Can you share your project file or gcode?

Not sure if you are probing all 3 axis but if you are doing Z only, the probe sits on top of the material if you do all 3 it hangs off like the photo above.

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I sure can I just got figure out how to attach it

yes I was doing all 3.


Here you go… I’m a little slow today senior moment.Alley (2.1 MB)

Gcode looks fine (as far as cutting below work zero). Most likely, there is something being missed in your zeroing procedure. There could be a issue with your Z motion, but that typically shows with cuts too deep or gradually losing depth once the force of cutting has started.

Basic eyes are 1/8 inch deep nose is cut out (outside right) cut out body of cat is (outside right)

I THANK You your time and help…

Please review:

and see:

If you continue to have difficulties, please post the source .c2d file, generated G-Code, and step-by-step instructions on how you are setting zero relative to the stock and post a photo of how the Probe is placed.

With your bit on the stock or paper thickness above, click Zero Z.

Yes sir that’s what it looked like.

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Will, I’ll keep you posted.

Hi neilferreri, do you mind if I ask you a question from this response? We just purchased the 3 XXL and we are having the same issue, but in the opposite direction. After we set zero for the z, x and y and hit start, it will move to the starting position, but then it plunges straight down into the board and wants to just keep going down. We’ve only tried it twice and both times it did this. Both times a message will come up just before it starts saying I have the wrong bit. Since it is the same bit I put in the code, I hit continue and it just dives straight down. For the first one we tried the 60 degree vee and then the 90 degree vee for the second time, same results both times.

Not sure if this is your problem but I think that with V bits you need to set 0 of X and Y using another bit like a 201 endmill then come back with the V bit to set the Z and place the probe on top of the workpiece to set the 0.