Project three - 2.5d on wooden blocks

Still can’t get over how easy this is.

I found an stl file on and brought it into meshcam. It opened up no problem. I had to scale the size to fit my 1.75" cubed hardwood blocks which took a little trial and error. I had to first define the stock size, then scale to fit, centred the x and y axis and put the top of the z to zero. I then set my max cut depth to 0.5" (which is where the 3d model started to curve the other way) and ran a tool path. I did the path manually to play with some settings. I will take a screenshot and post it if anyone is interested.

Here is what I came up with

I’m still having trouble getting the zero set properly as you can see on the block on the right. The next time I cut I just manually moved the block a little in the vise and hit right on the money.


Those look great.

What type of wood, and can you post a screen shot of the settings you used?

Here are the settings I used. I tried using the automatic toolpath generator in Meshcam (not the Carbide Auto Toolpath.) It was a slow cut (took 40 minutes)

And those are maple hardwood blocks, 1.75" square.

Nice work again Darren


Thanks Rob! Now I just need to play around with the toolpath settings so I can get these cut in 10 minutes or less :slight_smile: