Prompt for tool changes

I’m new to CNCing. Is there a way to get prompts for tool changes/notification of which cutter to start with or do you just need to keep track of the tool paths you made in Carbide Create? Wrecked a project with it going to the next sequence of cuts with the wrong tool int he spindle. Thanks

Please see:

Thanks for your reply Will - for some reason it didn’t prompt for the tool change. I think I’m using a different version of carbide motion because my screen is different from the instructions in that link - will look into and it and try it again tomorrow with smaller test project.

Hey Kevin,

Welcome to the wonderful world! It sounds like you might not be using the BitSetter, and you might be saving multi-tool toolpaths in one gcode file?

If you want to upload your project file (.c2d for Carbide Create), your gcode file (.nc), and describe your work flow and desired outcome - that usually helps with troubleshooting.


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