Proper dewalt trim router mounting?

so in the guide the picture showed the dewalt mounted all the way down in the spindle holder. however in other videos I have seen it mounted much higher, and in some even covering the lock button for the bits…

any thoughts?

When I first installed mine I kept it as high as possible figuring it would lend to more stability in my cuts! Problem I encountered is by time I zeroed my z axis the bottom V-Wheels were like half on and performed terribly, lol. So, I have it set as low as possible without the potential for running off the guides again.

Which lends to a question of my own… shouldn’t there be some type of stop to prevent the Z Axis from running off the guides?


The stop is set electronically. Z0 at the top, and it stops at Z -80mm. It won’t travel off the V-Wheels. I guess you don’t have the limit switch option?

Oh and I adjust my router by the material height and type of job. Sometimes up all the way so that the lock bottom is nearly visible to all the way (almost) down, and the above statement about travel holds true.

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I do have the limit switches and it will travel off the bottom when I jog it to zero z when I tried to do hello world!. so must be something wrong in my parameters?

You are homing the machine?

I’m on the road and don’t remember but I think it’s $132 =80mm

Check and tell me what it is on your machine.

I also advise turning on the soft and hard limits $20, &21 and $22 =1.

Ok, so $132= 80.000 was what I had. $20 & $21 =0 $22=1 and I could run z right off its wheels at about z -15 or so. Set $20 and $21 set to 1 and now hits limit at about z -8.60 or so and will not come off wheels. Current z is 63.90 when at home. Thanks Ray
P.S did not mean to hijack thread.

everything you guys are talking about is above my current level of knowledge with this machine…

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That’s because we were also addressing Ray’s problem with the wheels were coming off the track.

Mount your router where ever you would like as long as it can reach your work. There really is no right or no wrong… try it high, try it low… tried in the middle…, Like the three bears in goldilocks.

When you find a position that you like, and it works best for you, than that’s where it belongs.

This machine and hobby is about trying new things; learning new things, and having fun.

For me? I mount the router to suit the material. Meaning if I have a tall piece of material, I raised the router up high, if I’m cutting 1/8 inch aluminum I mount it low (Because it will not reach the material if it is left in the up or or high position.)

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Great post @RichCournoyer

I had similar thoughts of replying to the OP question, but you did so quite more eloquently than I would have.

BTW Ben, you will need to learn about the machine settings someday, so feel free to do some searching in this community and the Shapeoko forums. I’m sure Will has a bunch of links that he can sent you to start the education.