Proximity light won't go off (Shapeoko Pro)

Hi all, haven’t used the machine (Pro) in a while and when I powered up today, the proximity light, the one next to the router, would not go off. The other 2 are off except when I put a wrench near them, but this one just has a constant light.

Any ideas what might be going on?


What temperature is your shop? If very cold, warm things up if possible.

Please make sure that it is clean and that there’s no metallic debris/dust on it.

Is all the wiring in good condition and the connectors secure?

Power down and unplug things and wait a bit and power up — is the switch still stuck on?

Power down and swap w/ a known good switch — does the problem follow the switch or the connector?

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This is after you initialize the machine as well?

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If your Z axis is all the way up, the light will be on, that is normal.
If you jog the Z axis down the light should go off. If not, then there is a problem.