Proximity switch limiting ability to home

First of all, I am new to this so I applogize if I get parts named incorrectly. I just received and put together my Shapeoko 3 XL. It comes with proxomity switches, rather than a limiting switch, which is installed on the x-axis and y2. I am using carbide motion 5, per instructions, and am unable to home the router. The y2 sensor is flush with the right plate, it moves back and gets tripped which locks up the machine, creates a loud buzz and hum until it gives an error code on carbide motion and stops. I tried the trouble shooting to no avail. Help!

First you need to figure out if each switch triggers correctly when activated manually.

I did not understand whether you had mechanical switches or proximity (contactless) switches and on which axis ?

Either way, move the gantry manually away from homing point, move Z axis away from its limit switch, turn on the machine, and trigger each switch manually, in turn (either pushing the little thingy manually for mechanical switches, or bringing a piece of metal near the switch if you have proximity sensors).

There should be a (different) LED lighting up on the controller board when you trigger X, or Y or Z.
You can also see their state from the Settings menu in CM.

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Instructions lead me to believe they are proximity switches. Is the goal just to make sure they work? The y axis one comes on for sure. After it moves back that way it trips, light comes on, and the machine locks up. 15866352051146317054421751268307|375x500

Hey that’s good to know, I was not aware C3D now shipped a full-proximity-switches setup.
So it seems like this one works, what about the other two ? During that failed homing, any chance that it is either the X or Z switch that does not trigger ? Maybe grab a video if you can.

EDIT: and to answer your question, yes this was to rule out any wiring problem in any switch.

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Yes, the machines with Z-Plus axes have been shipping with inductive homing switches for a while — there have been a few others as well (I needed an upgraded wiring harness when I put an HDZ on my XL and was shipped one w/ inductive homing switches which I had to fabricate a bracket for).

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Thanks so much for the replies. I figured it out…I had the x and y pins into the controller backwards.


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