Proximity switches on old Shapeoko 3

Has the design of the x-axis plates changed over the years? I just purchased the Z-Axis Plus and the V-wheel interferes with the proximity switch mounting. To be honest I think this was an issue with the old limit switch mount. The spacer rubbed on the V-wheel. Short of taking out the Dremel and removing some plastic, it’s not going to fit.

I looked at the proximity switch install guide and it appears the position in your pictures is the Y axis switch. Is it possible that the bracket for the X and Y switches are different and you have the X axis switch mount in the Y position? Would the other bracket fit in this spot if you switched them around? This is just a guess but you might try.

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Yes, please contact us at and we’ll get this sorted out.

Not that I am telling you what to do, but as a maker, I slightly elongated my mounting hole and everything worked wonderfully.


I had that problem with my machine upgrading the switches. Below is an email sent to 3d carbide. My machine is a 2016 year build and my big problem was the old CM board did not have the connector for the up-grade.

On Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 2:13 PM PST, wrote:
Hope you had a good thanksgiving

Recently, I purchased a proximity kit for my Shapeoko 3 and this morning I decide to install the proximity kit and a Z+ on my Shapeoko 3. All went well till I got to the installation of the Y bracket which did not fit (hit the upper rear wheel) near the flat on the Y plastic bracket bottom standoff boss, this boss has a flat which, I machine approx .03 inch off the plastic to gain the wheel clearance. In addition my plate did not have tapped hole, so, I use my old mechanical switch nut and bolts to hold the plastic bracket on the vertical v wheel plate. The bracket looks lower than the picture but I have about .03 to .04 inch between the proximity bracket assy and the aluminum extrusion, which appears to be plenty.

I then move on to the connections and discover that my board must be older then what you guy support, no 8 pin connector. The board that is installed on my machine is a version 2.3.

So, I’m writing to see what the cost would be to get an upgraded Board and the latest Board Housing which looks to be more user friendly then what I have now. Please let me know the cost for the updated PCBA and Housing and how I can go bout ordering the parts?

Thanks in advance.
Regards, John

Thanks for the replies everyone. Carbide3D is shipping something that should resolve the issue. Rich, elongating the holes is a good idea if Carbide3D didn’t already have a solution. John, I did read about the Z+ and proximity switches and made sure to upgrade my v2.1 CM board to the latest version.


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