PSA: Check your X axis pulley before assembly

That would work great too! Just add either a longer shaft or extended flat area of the x motor only.

There has been talk of them making the motor shafts longer so a bearing could support the other end to prevent bending of the shaft when tightening the belts.

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We’ll everyone it seems to be a more common problem than they thought. I noticed my X axis wasn’t moving properly and even stalled several times while probing my projects. I saw this post and decided to dig in deeper. As you would expect I found both set screws completely loosen to the point the pulley was almost spinning around the shaft.

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Are they supposed to be installed and tightened for you?
Disclaimer: I have not had a reason to look at the “Pro” build instructions.


At the time I received my Pro there was no official installation instructions only a video that was put out literally days before the shipments went out. They do not mention anything about tightening these set screws but just to install the stepper motor.

This afternoon I was able to fix the problem by removing the stepper motor and the gear from the shaft. After inspecting the shaft it was evident that the flat edge of the shaft was not making good contact with the set screw. So I filed a very small section of the shaft do the set screw will seat properly and used blue lock tight on the set screw threads. Reinstalled everything and just got done running my first test piece with no issues. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures :disappointed:

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