Pulling my hair out after a machine crash

Hello so here’s the sequence of events that has caused me to pull my hair out.

Last night after a 10 hour cut the machine crashed while trying to cut out/contour the product.

the spindle was bound for about a couple milliseconds before freeing itself and going through the edge of the last slat of MDF on the left side. seconds before i hit the emergency off as i was right there observing.

I take a break for the night after removing the material from around the spindle I park it, nothing happens (does not move) machine is shut off.


I woke up and decided to do some measuring because I figure I will set the zero to the bottom right and yadda yadda. I give the spindle a few spins and with my dial test indicator I check the runout and it’s no different than normal thank god.

I go to run my modified end of the program and I boot up the machine. It wont home so I try a few resets and eventually give it some love and gently slowly push it back to its home.

Then I restart and update CM from 622 to the latest version. It starts up like a champ and it homes correctly. I load the new program and go through all my zeroing woes reworking the program several times and resetting and rehoming once or twice and the 2nd time the machine wont park again. So once again i manually do it. I start up again I decide to just find a scrap peice within a few thou that is square and i use it at the bottom left. I zero it reset the program and I should be ready to go. I monitor the machine and ofcourse right away i notice why hasn’t the spindle turned on. It gets within a half inch of the first cut and i pause the program and i park it. Sure enough doesn’t home, I power cycle the machine giving it a minute and I try to initialize and I get HM001 the homing switches failed to pull off and it moves forward about 1 inch over 3 seconds followed by nothing.

Is the current version of CC having some major issues or is my machine toast somewhere like the controller?

So far today it has multiple times:
failed to home
failed to engage the spindle
failed to park

Check your wiring harness connectors to your motors & sensors. Given that your machine was running properly for hours beforehand, I would bet on a connector(s) issue. They are notorious for playing well for a time & then for no apparent reason developing poor/intermittent connection issues - though usually I have found it’s due to vibrations/strain & not having them secured/protected properly.

If your electrical connections check out, next are the mechanicals - anything binding/loose?

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I’m mid into the guide rob posted on another hm001 post and so far homing switches work great there are zero binding issues any everything moves smoothly enough by hand

y2 home is stuck on even though the switch itself’s LED is functioning

Y2 is on even though the wires aren’t plugged in… I think my controller may be experiencing what REV 4.0 did in October of last year?

Follow up to this, all wires have been checked for continuity and are good. This definitely appears to be a bad controller post 636 update. I think support has packed up for the day too. Unfortunate for me this is exactly why it took me so long to update from 622 because what works shouldn’t be tampered with.

Spoke with support who were very timely and efficient and it appears to be overheating. They have sent out a new controller and I’m going to limp this one along over the weekend with a fan.

Hey Dean :slight_smile: Glad you got that part resolved. Honestly I had issues upgrading from 622 but only because the process was different and the machine was new to me. Got that worked out and really like the new version. Hopefully you will too. Curious about what you’re working on? 10 hours…

I had several Studio Ghibli models I purchased for my wife and her friend to paint while she’s visiting and I couldn’t find my 1/16th r tapered spiral so I used the 1/32nd. It was about 13x48 and was 5 pieces. It was also hot yesterday by my areas standards and the wind was low and I’m guessing that heightened temperature is more than it can handle. I think since they’re sending me a new controller I’ll take some time and look into how to effectively mod the old one to have some much much better airflow properties.

Also they turned out better than I could have hoped. I had to use a block that was a few thousandths proud and just went with the bottom left but my positioning was perfect.

Awesome!!! This test only took 45 minutes and I was like woah… 10 hours? I wanna see :laughing:

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