Pulsing C3D Router

Over the past two weeks I’ve noticed my carbide router began pulsing when the load was constant through consistent material type. There’s nothing in the shop going on and off that would be pulling power loads. The motor just seems like it’s unable to maintain a constant speed/load. Anyone have similar issues? It doesn’t seem to cause issues yet but it obviously doesn’t seem stable.

Pull your brushes. Inspect them and compare lengths. About half through length of brushes they need to be replaced. If they get shorter than half springs cannot solidly press them against armature of rotor. This can cause speed variations. While brushes are out blow out motor to remove dust and carbon from spent brushes.


That worked! Thanks. However the brush was only about 20% used up which seemed odd.

Glad the brushes worked. In the manufacturing process you can see there is a connector, a wire, a spring and the brush. It is possible that the wires are too short to allow the sping to push the brush against the armature of the rotor. Compare your new brushes to the old ones for the wire length. Keep the old ones just in case because it could just have been a build up of the carbon and the brush was jammed instead of worn out.


Thanks again! I’ll keep a lookout if that happens again. All the more reason to jump to a spindle haha

I have used a Dewalt router for 4 years and only had to change the brushes once, just recently. A spindle is good but unless you are doing a lot of heavy duty work the router will work well. If you have a Z-Plus they only recommend the smaller lighter spindles. So a big 80MM water cooled spindle is not recommended for the Z-Plus. If you want a big spindle go with the HDZ. Mo Money, Mo Money!


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