Purchasing Bittunner V2

So I have the Shapeoko 3 XL that I purchased in November 2020. I have the new BitrunnerV2 in my cart to pull the trigger on buying but do I need to buy the Carbide Motion PCB to make this work? Going to buy it before it sales out and if i need the PCB, then I buy it then but I still need to know. Thanks

As per the page in the store it says:

If you have Shapeoko 3 with a V2.3 board and below (Shapeoko 3 machines purchased before Black Friday 2019), you will need to add the Carbide Motion PCB with an enclosure, which includes a new circuit board with the BitRunner connector installed.

As yours was purchased after this then I think you should be fine. You can take a look at your board and verify the version number

Does your controller have the BitRunner connector shown in the installation instructions:

If not, you’ll need a new controller and enclosure.

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