Purchasing Nomad 3

I’m very excited to purchase Nomad 3 and Carbide3D website says they can ship the machine just about anywhere but unfortunately they don’t ship to my country Indonesia, any suggestion of distributors that have this machine in stock and can ship internationally? Thanks.

I think reaching out to sales@carbide3d.com would be your best bet. They know which distributors they have a relationship with.


I did, was given 2 distributors… first distributor don’t have any stock and not sure if they can send to my country or not if the stock comes in, 2nd one doesn’t ship to my country and no longer selling Carbide3D products and only clear their existing stock.

I couldn’t find comparable machine that is readily available to purchase so really keen to purchase Nomad 3.

Have you considered a reshipper? Ship it from C3D to a reshipper in the USA, who then forwards it to you? May be more expensive, but at-least you get one straight from C3D?

Hi Kyle,
Yes I considered that option as well but not sure which company I should go with since this is not a cheap machine. Been reading and comparing and couldn’t find one solid service provider, still exploring the options… have you had any experience with such shipping provider company? Thanks.

No experience, I live in the US so I have not had to deal with reshippers. Best of luck and may you get your Nomad 3.

Thanks Kyle… will look around for review and hope can find a reputable reshippers…

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