Putting Z axis back together

Okay, I really messed up here as the part that holds the router in place was coming loose from the back. I didn’t know how it was attached, there were sooo many screws, but I decided to try. After removing all of the screws the plate finally came off and the screws that hold part that holds the router became accessible. I was able to tighten them and then I began the task of putting things back together. Well I will tell you I don’t have a clue as to where to start! The little slide things have to go on put they have to be on the track before attaching them to the plate. The screws that go into the parts on the screw need to be attached but I don’t know what position the part needs to be as it seems to effect the limit switch.

So, is there a step by step procedure somewhere? A video, anything that will help me get this back together.

Please write in to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll get this sorted out with you.


Sounds like a belt z axis. In the future just remove router, remove springs and slide front plate down to remove. Loosen z belt first.

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If it is a belt drive, that is of course at:

Sorry, this is a Z-plus. I am being told this is not a user serviceable area and I should not have taken it apart. Problem is if the screws that hold the router holder go through the plate and tighten from the backside how do I tighten them if I am not supposed to access that area. I am waiting until Monday for support to get back to me so hopefully they will have a solution for me.

There should be a pair of holes in the back plate which allow access to the holes for the router mount.

I can see two possible holes but the entire unit would have to be removed from the gantry to access them plus I had no idea they were there.

Perhaps my z- plus is different but my stock router mount bolts into a plate and that plate mounts to the face of the Z-Plus from the front side. The 2 big holes in the Z-Plus are for the router mount bolts to recess onto. It is figure 11 of the Z-Plus install instructions.

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I think you are correct and my z-plus seems to be the same as yours. My problem, at least one of them, was that I didn’t know there were holes through the plate to tighten those bolts and if I did, that looked like a bigger problem than removing the plate which, of course, was a BIG mistake.

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