PVC Speeds and Feeds

Still trying to figure out the perfect speed and feed settings for cutting PVC board. Typically I use a speed of 18k and feed of 80 inches and this works pretty well when using a 1/4 or an 1/8 inch bit. But when i go down to a 1/16 bit i get a lot of melting and clumping in the narrower cuts. Seems i need to increase the feed speed to eliminate this issue. Somewhere in the range of 160 to 200 inches. Plunge is pretty consistent at 24 inches for all bits. Anyone have any input.

I run 0 flute cutters @ 120 ipm plunge is 60. 20000 rpm. This on a 4pro with a carbide router. I discovered that faster is better to disperse heat. That said… your machine might be more or less rigid than mine. I cut PVC pretty regularly, and even built a vacuum clamp out of it.

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Thanks, I’ll try upping the speed from 80 to 120 and see if that helps.

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